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Each year, several hundred startup companies are founded in the worldwide financial services environment. These are called fintechs or fintech companies. In the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, over 300 fintech companies have taken root, while the worldwide figure is over 4,000. With customer-centric and innovative solutions, they benefit from opportunities to realize financial services at various levels of value creation quicker, easier and less expensive. A huge inflow of investment capital and increasing market shares indicate the potential of this associated change.

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So that the new solutions can establish themselves as best possible, one central requirement must be fulfilled: transparency! Around three-quarters of all fintech companies in the German-speaking market focus on products and services that complement the traditional service portfolio of banks and insurance companies. Cooperation, especially with established partners, is their key to success. Information on fintech companies is fragmented. But at the same time, their speed of development is remarkable. This combination complicates partnerships between fintech companies and financial services providers. A huge inflow of investment capital and increasing market shares indicate the potential of this associated change.



Through Fintech Hub, we want to establish an information hub and in the long run also a community hub, which will create the necessary transparency and link fintech companies, financial service providers and experts—and also investors. To this end, Fintech Hub focuses on three main areas:

  • information on (initially German-language) fintech companies and the minds behind them
  • news and events on fintech and financial services innovations
  • exchange and discussion on exciting topics (planned)

About us—Partner for change combines the deep financial services expertise of the zeb management consultancy with solutions for an increasingly digitalized world. As a “partner for change” we support our clients, in cooperation with execution partners, in four areas:

Digital strategy - are you digitally ready? Where are the opportunities for positioning? Which fields of action and priorities will emerge? ...

Bottom-up validation and prototyping - What will customer journeys look like in the future? How can financial and technical prototypes be used? How can design thinking and lean startup approaches be incorporated? ...

Digital change, organization and governance - How should organizations be structured? What does a digital culture look like? Solution selection and appraisal: make, buy or cooperate? Why should (established) financial service providers enter cooperations with fintech companies? ...

Digital research and analysis - Which innovations exist and which fintech companies position themselves for which particular fields of application? Who are the possible cooperation partners? What market potentials will emerge? What kind of business models exist? ...

The people responsible

Horst Kleinlein


Dr. André Ehlerding
Mathias Gans
Senior Manager


Laura Pfannemüller


David Meissner
Senior Consultant
Julia Schraut
Senior Professional