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Through Fintech Hub, we want to establish an information hub and in the long run also a community hub, which will create transparency about fintech companies and financial technology innovations and link fintech companies, financial service providers and experts—and also investors.
Fintech Hub is operated by zeb.fintech.hub gmbh. As a leading management consulting company specialized in financial services, zeb has pooled its digital expertise in the initiative. We support banks and insurance companies in their digital development path, but also advise fintech companies and investors on possible cooperations and opportunities.
Companies from the financial technologies sector (so-called fintechs), who provide innovative solutions for financial services based on modern technologies can register on Fintech Hub.
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As a “partner for change” we support our clients in four areas:
  • digital strategy
  • bottom-up validation and prototyping
  • digital change, organization and governance
  • digital research and analysis
  • Further information is provided here.


In general, there are no specific prerequisites for registration. We recommend keeping all information and data that is to be entered into Fintech Hub at hand in order to accelerate the registration process.
You can change your user name by means of the blue edit button on the profile page.
Yes. An interim status of the profile is saved and can be completed at any time. After completed entry of the data and information, the profile is submitted to a zeb administrator of the Website to approve the profile.
The profiles in Fintech Hub will initially be maintained in German language. Fintech Hub will also be available in English soon. From that point, all profiles should also be available in English language. To simplify matters, certain fields will be automatically copied from the German profile pages for English profiles.
After entering data and information to the profile page, the profile is submitted for approval. A zeb administrator will check the profile. If they have any queries, the administrator will get in touch with the specified contact address; otherwise the profile will be released shortly.
The approval process is usually completed within two to three days. We will inform you about the completed approval via e-mail.
No, but random quality checks of profiles are conducted. If questions arise, a zeb administrator will get in touch.
We recommend keeping the profile up to date and to regularly update it with new features, cooperation partners, relevant news, etc.
If you enter the wrong password when logging in, you will see a red field “Have you forgotten your password?”. After a click, pressing the “Send a new password via e-mail” field via the link in the sent e-mail can assign a new password.
To log in, you need either the defined user name and password or alternatively the saved e-mail address and password.
After logging in, you will see the “Delete account” button at the bottom right of the profile page. After pressing the button, an e-mail is sent to the saved e-mail address of the profile in which deletion of the profile must be confirmed. Once this has occurred, the profile is immediately deleted from the Website.