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3rd-eyes analytics AG

Realistic, goal-based, highly individual wealth planning solution
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3rd-eyes analytics is the software partner of choice for banks, insurance companies and investment advisers that wish to implement a digital goal-based advisory process. The 3rd-eyes analytics Wealth Navigator consists of multiple modules which can be combined independently of each other.
Our solution combines wealth planning with a stochastic process that calculates the optimal and bespoke asset allocation based on the clients’ individual goals and individual wealth situations. It enables clients to understand straightforwardly how their likelihoods to achieve their goals in many capital market scenarios improve, and what the corresponding risks are.
In the next step, the portfolio is constructed: this can be done based on direct instruments or via funds / ETFs. For the selection of funds and ETFs, the fund module considers the clients’ individual investment and personal beliefs like the preferred investment style or ecological or social values.
3rd-eyes analytics uses an asset-liability management system that is otherwise only available to institutional investors such as pension funds or insurance companies. The 3rd-eyes analytics system is available to license either as individual modules or complete and it is delivered as Software-as-a-Service.
The company was founded in 2015, has clients already, and it is privately owned.

Hohlstrasse 190
8004 Zuerich
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Stephanie Feigt
Worked for over 20 years as investment expert and in various management positions (CIO, Co-CEO) with a focus on ALM / Sustainable Investing.
Rodrigo Amandi
Worked over 10 years as Managing Director in responsible/sustainable investing, equity analysis & valuation and indexing.
Hohlstrasse 190
8004 Zuerich
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