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The amazon for finance
Rang 6 / 10 in P2P

CASHBOARD is the Amazon for retail investment and the fastest-growing online wealth manager in Germany.

We are the first and only marketplace enabling clients to invest not only into one product (compared to the so called robo-advisors do solely ETF), but covering the whole world of traditional (daily deposits, stocks, funds, ETF…) and modern online assets (P2P-lending, crowdfunding real estate, bitcoins…) with one account.

Our algorithms generate substantial added value for clients in terms of convenience, transparency and cost. Portfolio management and loss protection is entirely automated. Clients benefit from the security of a personal bank account. The account, service and platform are completely free of charge. Our customers pay only a fair profit share of 10 % p.a. high-water mark only on net profits.

Invalidenstr. 112
10115 Berlin
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