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Personalised Financial Intelligence Platform
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CityFALCON, a fintech startup, transforms unstructured financial content into structured data using natural language processing (NLP) and will soon launch personalisation of data for users and clients using machine learning.

Lacking access to quality data and real-time news sources, our founder built the first version of the product from his bedroom to solve his own data problem while investing in the stock markets. This need grew into a passion and blossomed into CityFALCON.

While we currently focus on news, tweets, and research in 30+ languages, we will soon add private and public company filings, price and fundamental data, and insights from all the aggregated structured data. We are also working with a bank to manage their internal research.

Our B2B and B2B2C clients include BNP Paribas, IEX Stock Exchange and several fintech companies.

In 2018-19, the company generated £125K in revenue compared to £25K for the financial year 2017-18.

We are set to launch our 'premium' Spotify-like subscription for prosumers in 2019, monetising our B2C products. Premium subscriptions will provide non-public and paywalled content for a fixed monthly fee along with multiple metrics and other content. Our premium content partners include Twitter and Newsedge, and we are in discussions with several others.

Ruzbeh Bacha
Founder and CEO. Passionate FinTech entrepreneur, ex-Skype, Microsoft, Nokia, KPMG, Startup Advisor, Angel Investor.
August, 2015
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