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The world's first multi advisor
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Much more than a robo advisor. With clevercircles, the investor is in the driver seat.

With clevercircles investors manage their assets efficiently and structured with the cheapest ETFs and index funds. At regular intervals, investors will coordinate the alignment of their portfolio with the market expectations of trusted third parties, professionals and the community and adjust it as required. Currency risks can be flexibly hedged and the quality of the market forecasts is calculated for each participant and made not only visible but also tangible with gamification. This is transparency in a new dimension.

clevercircles makes the professional approach accessible to private individuals

Professionals are more successful at investing money than private investors. There are good reasons for this. Professionals define an investment strategy and adhere to it. However, the investment strategy is not completely rigid, but contains a limited, predefined scope for tactical adjustments. However, such tactical adjustments are never carried out in a hurry, but in a structured approach and in consultation with several decision-makers (investment committee = circle). This is exactly what clevercircles offers: strategy discipline, targeted tactical flexibility and collective intelligence in decision-making.

clevercircles' technology can be used in various white-labeling models by other institutions, without lengthy IT projects, at attractive conditions and with a shared community. We value multiplication; win-win-win is our answer.

Sebastian Comment
Managing Director clevercircles