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Transformation and automation of the financial sector
Rang 6 / 10 in Sonstige

We offer financial institutes a powerful and flexible solution for automating and digitising their business processes: fintus Suite.
From application management through contract review, portfolio management, up and cross selling, to the central customer frontend, we combine numerous systems into a single interface.
Digital Onboarding maximises your conversion rate from account opening to the conclusion of digital contracts. The integration of our partners for the digital identity, digital account check, or classic video legitimation improves the customer experience. With our input management, which is based on state-of-the-art AI and machine learning techniques, we achieve the shortest reaction and decision-making times.

Proof of income, balance sheets, proof of identity, but also free communication by e-mail, fax or letter are no obstacle to the highest possible level of automation.
Our User Frontend combines all the information from core systems, CRM, ERP and DMS in one interface and presents the user with a 360° view of every business transaction. In addition, our BPMN engine enables you to orchestrate and model your processes graphically without any programming knowledge.
Together with our partners we are the platform for financial sector’s transformation and automation.