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Easy business banking
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Qonto was founded by Alex and Steve, two experienced entrepreneurs.
Both had been tremendously frustrated by their previous banking experience, when they started their own business. They deemed it time-consuming, thought it lacked transparency, and did not cater to their needs.
That’s why they decided to launch Qonto, the banking alternative for entrepreneurs and startups.

Much more than a simple bank account, Qonto is:
- 100% online: open your account in minutes, get your IBAN instantly and order your Qonto Mastercards from the app
- Designed for teams: team members can manage their transactions via their own user account
- Helping you to keep track of your finances: tag transactions and add attachments to make accounting easy
- Integrated with the best 'fintech' and 'SaaS' (on our integration roadmap: Stripe, Slack, Sage, Cegid)
- Taking customer support seriously: 6d/7, via email, phone, chat and social networks.

In short, Qonto is simpler, faster, and its pricing is fairer than any traditional bank.

Alexandre Prot
Alexandre Prot (HEC Paris and INSEAD graduate) is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in Internet of Things (IoT), fintech and SaaS.
#IoT #Fintech #Saas
Steve Anavi
Steve (EFPL and INSEAD MBA graduate) co-founded his 1st company with Alexandre. Steve is now involved in SaaS, fintech and IoT ventures.
#IoT #Fintech #SaaS
Institutioneller Investor
Investment year - 2016
Investment Stage - Seed or Business Angel
Institutioneller Investor
Investment Stage - Seed or Business Angel