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Teylor AG

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Teylor AG has developed one of the fastest and most comfortable SME loans in Germany. Using a self-built application and underwriting process, applicants can get a credit offer in less than 10 minutes and receive a business loan of up to €450,000 in two days.

Users only need to fill out a simple form on the Teylor website. Teylor then analyzes a large variety of different data points from various sources to review the applicant and generate an offer within seconds. The user can conduct every step directly on the Teylor website.

Teylor is partnering with a variety of different manufacturers, brokers, and financial advisors and enables them to provide Teylor-loans to their customers. In the long term, Teylor’s goal is to license the processes and technologies it has built for the Teylor-loan to different financial institutions. By partnering with Teylor, banks can automate their small ticket SME lending processes and drastically reduce their underwriting and administration costs.

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Patrick Stäuble
CEO & Founder - Teylor AG